European Disability Card

The EU Disability Card allows persons with disabilities traveling to other member states to prove their disability status and access available benefits.

European Disability Card, issued in one of the member states, according to the directive proposal, is valid throughout the EU.

The European Disability Card serves as proof of the disability status in accordance with the rules of the member countries.

In Croatia, the European Disability Card (in Croatian, Nacionalna iskaznica za osobe s invaliditetom) issued to holders of the National ID card for persons with disabilities.

Holders of the European Disability Card will be entitled to benefits, which will be provided voluntarily by the benefit providers.


Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland,
Italy, Malta, Romania, Slovenia

have recently conducted a pilot project and recognize the European Disability Card.

The benefits provided by the card in these countries are available on their respective websites dedicated to the EU Disability Card pilot project.

EU Karta

In addition to the information on this page, we recommend checking the website, social media, and advertisements of the entities you plan to visit to find out if they accept the European Disability Card and what extent of benefits they provide to cardholders.

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